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Home and Radon Inspections

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Alan Longhurst, Inspector, Owner

I first started my Real Estate career on due diligent inspection teams in Los Angeles. I moved back to Utah and worked as a property manager and later became the General Partner of 500 apartment units in Houston, TX. I am now combining my experience in real estate ownership and acquisitions along with my passion for Radon Awareness to ensure that understand as much as you can about the home you are purchasing.

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Home Inspections

A visual home inspection includes walking on the roof (weather permitting), exterior building, landscape drainage, structural components, HVAV, plumbing, electrical, insulation and ventilation, interiors, garages and appliances.

Radon Gas Testing

A 48 hour test with a continuous radon detector.  Radon can vary greatly from home to home and neighborhood to neighborhood. It can even change from depending on the barometric pressure. I can give you the information to determine whether mitigation is needed immediately or whether further monitoring is recommended.

Mold and Meth Testing

Though most people don't think there should be problems with mold or meth residue in Utah, it could be devastating to find out the cost to cure either problem. It is better to test and have some assurance your home is safe than pay thousands later down the road.

Radon Testing

My wife and partner Laura Longhurst was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2007.  She had never smoked.  We asked our oncologist  what could have caused the cancer and he recommended we check our radon levels in our home.  Our home tested moderately high for radon gas. At that time very few home owners were aware of radon gas in Utah.  I had been involved in property management and had been told that Radon Health Risks were a myth.  

Since then many more studies have been performed and the awareness is much better.  I can test your home and give you the information needed to continue to monitor the levels in your home.

Home Inspections

It is important to have as much information concerning your new home as possible.  A visual inspection by a professional can give information to help make one of the biggest decisions you may have in the next few years.

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“Alan inspected a condominium I was looking to buy as an investment property. Alan was able to find some exterior problems the HOA had not addressed.” Barbara – February 5, 2020


“We purchased home a year ago and had it inspected. Alan did a follow up inspection and found some roofing items that needed to be completed immediately that could have caused problems down the road.” Linda – February 18, 2020

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